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Conditions of Use


§ 1 General, scope
The following Standard Terms and Conditions govern the contractual relationship between MIDIFIne Systems and natural persons who use the MIDIFIne Systems Online Shop (hereinafter "purchasers"). The Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the website and all subdomains thereof. The prevailing version at the time the contract is concluded applies. The official language of the contract is German.
§ 2 Contract
(1) The products and services of MIDIFIne Systems Online Shop constitute a non-binding offer to purchasers to order goods from the MIDIFIne Systems.
(2) By ordering an article online, the purchaser makes a binding offer to conclude a contract of sale.
(3) MIDIFIne Systems is entitled to accept this offer within 1 day by sending an order confirmation. The order confirmation is sent by e-mail. If the period stated in Sentence 1 expires to no effect, the offer is deemed to have been declined.
All sales are irrevocable. They have no right to revoke a purchase or to withdraw from this, as soon as the delivery of the product has begun. The delivery by the MIDIFine Systems begins immediately with downloading the products from the MIDIFine Shop. They are not entitled to the cancellation or to the return any more, as soon as is begun with the achievement.
§ 3 Payment, due dates, late payment
(1) Goods can be paid for in advance, on delivery, by credit card and by direct debit. Cash on delivery is only possible for delivery within Germany. We reserve the right to accept or decline certain methods of payment in individual cases.
(2) If paying in advance, the purchaser undertakes to pay the purchase price as soon as the sale is made. If paying on delivery, the purchaser undertakes to pay the purchase price upon delivery of the goods. If payment on account is agreed, the purchaser undertakes to settle the invoiced amount within 14 days after receipt of the goods. If paying by direct debit, the amount is debited within one week after the sale is made and if paying by credit card, the amount is debited after the goods are dispatched.
(3) If the purchaser is late with payment, he is liable for all negligence while in arrears. He is also liable for performance in the event of accidental events, unless the damage would have occurred even if performance had been on time.
(4) Interest is added to the purchase price while in arrears. The interest on arrears for the year is five percent above the base interest rate.
(5) Claims for further damages are not excluded.
§ 4 Delivery
(1) The purchased article is delivered to the address given by the purchaser.
(2) Delivery is subject to the quoted postage and packaging costs. Unless stated otherwise, for deliveries outside of Germany the price for postage and packaging is calculated separately by weight. If the purchaser requests a special form of delivery that costs more, he must bear the extra cost.
§ 5 Retention of title
The purchased article remains the property of MIDIFIne Systems until payment has been made in full. The pledging, provision as security, reselling, processing or modification of the article before transfer of ownership is not permitted without the express consent of MIDIFIne Systems.
§ 6 Prices
The quoted price of the article is the full price including any VAT due and other price elements. The price excludes postage, packaging and delivery.
§ 7 Guarantee
(1) MIDIFIne Systems guarantees the purchased article to be free of defect upon handover. If faults are discovered in the purchased article within six months after handover of the purchased article, it is assumed that the article was faulty upon handover, unless the nature of the article or the defect rules out that assumption. If the fault is discovered after six months have passed, the purchaser must prove that the article was faulty upon handover.
(2) If the purchased article is faulty upon handover, the purchaser has a choice of cure in the form of a remedy, or replacement. MIDIFIne Systems is entitled to refuse cure if the cost of the chosen cure is disproportionate and another form of cure that does not entail considerable disadvantage for the seller is available.
(3) If cure fails, the purchaser can in principle demand a lowering of the purchase price (reduction) or cancellation of the contract (withdrawal) and compensation, the choice is his. In the event of minor defects the purchaser has no right to withdraw from the contract.
(4) If MIDIFIne Systems delivers an article that is free of defects by way of cure, MIDIFIne Systems can demand that the purchaser return the faulty article.
(5) The purchaser's claims for defects expire by limitation after two years.
(6) No claims against MIDIFIne Systems may be made for damage caused by the purchaser setting up, connecting, operating or storing the article in a way that is improper or in breach of contract.
§ 8 Limitation of liability
(1) MIDIFIne Systems is only liable for damage other than injury to health, limb or life to the extent that the damage was due to deliberate or gross negligence or breach of a material contractual obligation on the part of MIDIFIne Systems or its agents. A material contractual obligation is one which must be met if the contract is to be properly fulfilled and on which the purchaser may normally rely. Liability for damages beyond that is excluded. Claims under a guarantee given by MIDIFIne Systems in relation to the condition of the article and under the product liability law are hereby unaffected.
(2) As the technology currently stands, we cannot guarantee the perfect stability and/or availability at all times of data communication over the Internet. Therefore we are not liable for the full availability of our online shop.
§ 9 Choice of law
All disputes arising out of this legal relationship are subject to the statutes of the Federal Republic of Germany. This choice of law only applies to consumers to the extent that they are not deprived of the protection provided under mandatory statutory provisions in the country in which the consumer is normally resident. The UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods does not apply.
§ 10 Severance clause
If any provision of these Standard Terms and Condition is or becomes invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect any other provision of these Standard Terms and Conditions unless the inapplicability of individual clauses would put one of the parties to the contract at such an unfair disadvantage that that party could no longer be expected to abide by the contract.

These Standard Terms and Conditions were drawn up by janolaw legal experts and were checked in the legal practice. janolaw AG guarantees the first-class quality of this product and is liable in the event of warning notices. For more information on the janolaw guarantee, go to

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