Professional high-quality MP3 and MIDI Karaoke Playbacks for Musicians. If you feel the desire to buy you have to have an account here at Midifineshop and Paypal and/or a Creditcard.
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Musicians! To buy MP3 and MIDI Karaoke Playbacks (backing tracks) you have to » log yourself in to our Online Shop

Here you can read about some of our Highlights:

  • Excellent quality of our Backing Tracks. MIDIFIne Systems taking care of the International Standard Quality!
  • You can hear a 30 - 40 seconds demo of the song that you want to buy, all our demos are in the same quality as the full version of the song, so what you hear, that's what you get!
  • With PayPal Express you can place you order, pay, and download the MP3 directly onto your HD or MP3 Player.
  • All of our music files for immediate delivery are in
  • MP3 format
  • encoded with LAME Lame Encoder,
  • ID3v2 Tags, so you don't have to worry where to place your MP3 on your MP3 Player!


If you have any preferences about new songs, or special arrangements, changing the Key , please refer our Service, or take contact with us at MIDI files can be played in media player software, or in dedicated midi players.  The instrument sound quality will depend on your playback device. All midi files and MP3's are sold under license. When you buy files from this site, mechanical copyright is paid through GEMA and the producers are paid their royalty.  Using this site will support the music makers and protect producers from the damage done by sites offering illegal free download.

Have fun on our Shop, and we hope to hear from you on the TV, Radio, or Live Shows! And we'll be proud to know that we had a small contribution at your Star carrier!

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